November 2019 Ballot Recommendations


We only take positions on ballot measures based on current advocacy positions and League principles. Positions are developed based on grassroots member study and consensus

Each election cycle, the League of Women Voters of San Francisco reviews each of the San Francisco ballot measures to determine whether to Support, Oppose, take No Position, or remain Neutral. The decisions are made based on analyses that apply to existing relevant League positions from the National, State, Bay Area, and/or San Francisco levels of the organization. 

Our positions on issues as varied as the environment, transportation, housing, and governance have been adopted over the years—and updated as necessary—after League study and consensus.

The analysis of ballot propositions begins with our dedicated volunteers in the Advocacy Committee, which gathers publicly-available information and conducts additional outreach and research as needed. The Committee drafts recommendations on each of the ballot measures and forwards these to the Board of Directors, which then votes to accept or not accept the recommendations.

Unlike some other organizations, we do not hold endorsement meetings at which proponents and opponents are invited to present their respective views. Instead, what drives our analysis are the existing positions on issues related to the ballot measures. In some cases, we have no relevant positions so we take No Position. In other instances, we have competing positions and, therefore, remain Neutral. 

Are you looking for unbiased information on the pros and cons on San Francisco ballot measures? Please access our Pros & Cons Guide.  

Proposition A: Affordable Housing Bond

League Position: Support

San Francisco is experiencing a housing crisis. The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (“MOHCD”) continues to see a widening affordability gap for extremely-low, low and middle-income households in both the rental and homeownership markets. Prop A will issue up to $600 million in general obligation bonds for the purchase, construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing. The League applauds the goals of this Bond measure to increase and preserve affordable housing in the City.

Proposition B: Department of Disability and Aging Services

League Position: Support

Prop B amends the Charter to change the name of the Department of Aging and Adult Services to the Department of Disability and Aging Services; to change the name of the Aging and Adult Services Commission to the Disability and Aging Services Commission; and to add new qualifications for three of the seven seats on this Commission. The League supports a system of boards and commissions which will effectively serve the public. By placing selection criteria to the commission, it will better reflect the diverse community the commission is trying to serve.

Proposition C: Vapor Products

League Position:  Oppose

The US Surgeon General announced that there is an “epidemic of youth use” in the use of e-cigarette products. The League supports policies which promote the health and safety of all Americans, and the right to know the potentially harmful effects of materials. Unfortunately, Prop C is not such a policy. If Prop C passes, it may overturn Prop E (Nov 2018), which the League supported. Prop C overturns the law that prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes that have not been approved by the FDA. Furthermore, some of the regulations on the sale and distribution of e-cigarettes are redundant as they are covered under California's STAKE Act.

Proposition D: Traffic Congestion Mitigation Tax

League Position: Support

Prop D would impose a 1.5% business tax on shared rides and a 3.25% business tax on private rides for fare charged by commercial ride-share and driverless-vehicle companies until November 5, 2045 to fund improvements in Muni service and bicycle and pedestrian safety. The League supports the maintenance of existing transportation systems and “earmarked” taxes for a specific purpose containing an automatic sunset date.

Proposition E: Affordable Housing and Educator Housing

League Position: Support 

San Francisco is experiencing a housing crisis, especially for our educators. Prop E amends the Planning Code to allow 100% Affordable Housing Projects and Educator Housing Projects in public zoning districts and to expedite City approval of these projects. The League supports streamlining the building permit process and development where City-owned surplus or under-used land should be developed in a manner which best meets public needs.

Proposition F: Campaign Education and Campaign Advertisements

League Position: Support

Prop F would establish new restrictions on campaign contributions to local elected officials and candidates, and apply new disclaimer requirements to campaign advertisements. The League supports improving methods of financing political campaigns in order to ensure the public’s right to know, combat corruption and undue influence, enable candidates to compete more equitably for public office and promote citizen participation in the political process.