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November 2019 Ballot Recommendations

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We only take positions on ballot measures based on current advocacy positions and League principles. Positions are developed based on grassroots member study and consensus

Each election cycle, the League of Women Voters of San Francisco reviews each of the San Francisco ballot measures to determine whether to Support, Oppose, take No Position, or remain Neutral. The decisions are made based on analyses that apply to existing relevant League positions from the National, State, Bay Area, and/or San Francisco levels of the organization. 

Our positions on issues as varied as the environment, transportation, housing, and governance have been adopted over the years—and updated as necessary—after League study and consensus.

The analysis of ballot propositions begins with our dedicated volunteers in the Advocacy Committee, which gathers publicly-available information and conducts additional outreach and research as needed. The Committee drafts recommendations on each of the ballot measures and forwards these to the Board of Directors, which then votes to accept or not accept the recommendations.

Unlike some other organizations, we do not hold endorsement meetings at which proponents and opponents are invited to present their respective views. Instead, what drives our analysis are the existing positions on issues related to the ballot measures. In some cases, we have no relevant positions so we take No Position. In other instances, we have competing positions and, therefore, remain Neutral. 

Are you looking for unbiased information on the pros and cons on San Francisco ballot measures? Please access our Pros & Cons Guide.  

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