San Francisco Ballot Measures

The League of Women Voters of San Francisco provides non-partisan analysis of the ballot measures for San Francisco elections. Our team of dedicated volunteers combs through the news, submitted ballot arguments and discussions to put together this valuable and trusted resource. 

  • Full Pros & Cons Guide - English (PDF)  [available early October 2019] 
  • Pros & Cons Guide Quick Sheet - English (PDF)  [available early October 2019] 

  • Pros & Cons Guide - Spanish (PDF) [available October 2019] 
  • Pros & Cons Guide - Chinese (PDF) [available October 2019] 

  • Online Pros & Cons Guide   [available October 2019]
  • Audio Pros & Cons Guide   [available October 2019] 
  • Video Pros & Cons Discussions  [available October 2019] 


LWVSF Ballot Recommendations

Are you looking for the LWVSF's ballot recommendations on San Francisco propositions? Please see our Ballot Recommendations page.

Ballot Recommendations