SF Government - City Planning

Development and Redevelopment

The Planning Commission and City Planning

The Port

Recreation and Parks

San Francisco Bay

LWVUS Positions in brief:

1) Urban Policy; Promote the economic health of Cities and improve the quality of urban life.

2) Natural Resources: Promote an environment beneficial to life through the protection and wise management of natural resources in the public interest.

LWVCA Positions in brief: Land Use:

1) Support state land use planning that recognizes land as a resource as well as a commodity.

2) The state should establish guidelines and standards for land areas of more local concern. Decisions for these areas should be made at the lowest level of government feasible, but should be subject to state review.

3) Citizens must have a meaningful participation in land use planning and regulation.

SF Government - City Planning

Objectives of this position:

Support a planning process that balances the need for more open space and the need for increased building.

Planning criteria:

1) Open space availability, type and function

2) Social requirements;

   a) Facilities and amenities;

   b) Aesthetics; view, visual quality, proportion and human scale

   c) Physical requirements;

      i) Health impacts on air, water and noise

      ii) Safety; fire and earthquake

     iii) Comfort; wind velocity

   d) Economic Impact;

      i) jobs; number, type and distribution

      ii) taxation; amount and type

      iii) balanced development

3) Transportation, with consideration of

   a) access,

   b) availability and

   c) traffic patterns.

4) Recreation

5) Preservation of desirable and/or historical areas.

Development and Redevelopment

Objectives of this position:

Development should be guided by a flexible long-range plan.

1) All redevelopment areas should conform to the San Francisco General Plan.

2) City-owned surplus or under-used land should be developed in a manner which best meets public needs.

3) The South of Market area should continue to incorporate a mix of uses.

The Planning Commission and City Planning

Objectives of this position:

1) Citizen participation in planning should be strengthened by wider notification of planning hearings and a longer notification period.

2) Appeals of planning decisions which affect a considerable segment of the community should be referred to the Board of Supervisors. A separate appeal body should be established to hear all zoning appeals.

3) Representatives of the Chief Administrative Officer and the Public Utilities Commission should be retained on the Planning Commission in a non-voting advisory capacity.

The Port

Objectives of this position:

Support measures which will improve the position of San Francisco as a port city, provide additional benefits for commerce, navigation, the environment and the economy.

1) The City’s full maritime potential should be realized by giving priority in port planning to management, maintenance and promotion of San Francisco harbor.

2) Support the concept of regional port cooperation for maritime purposes.

3) The principles of the General Plan, with special emphasis on height and bulk contents should be enforced.

Recreation and Parks

Objectives of this position:

The Recreation and Parks Department should:

1) Keep fees to the public at a minimum

2) equal fees for residents and non residents alike;

3) establish reasonable fees for all commercial use of its properties;

4) retain all fees as reimbursement;

5) Maintenance of facilities not directly related to the basic objectives of the Recreation and Park Department should be transferred to the appropriate agencies.

San Francisco Bay

Objectives of this position:

1) Conservation and development of San Francisco Bay and enhancement and preservation of the Bay and its shoreline.

2) Legislative controls by the Bay Conservation and Development Commission should be maintained.