Why Should I Care About Policing Practices?

Right now, the San Francisco Police Department has hundreds of reform initiatives. You deserve clear explanations of what these reforms will do. How are they prioritized? Who is responsible? Why are we making these changes? How will this impact my life? What about my neighbor’s life? How do we know if a reform is working? What if some people benefit, but other people suffer? Now is a powerful time to get involved. Your questions and comments on policing practices will change what happens.


Download our Police in San Francisco FAQ Flyer.

Our goal is for all San Franciscans to understand and shape policing practices. 


Have you seen the California Police Scorecard?

Learn the facts about police violence and accountability. Each department is evaluated on the number of deadly force incidents, citizen complaints of police misconduct and arrests made. A grade from A - F is assigned. 

View the Police Scorecard for San Francisco.


What Can I Do to Improve Policing Practices?

Become an Observer

Make sure all San Franciscans know about meetings, decisions, policies, programs and their impact. There  are a wide variety of meetings dealing with policing practices: Sunshine  Ordinance Task Force, Police Oversight Commissions, neighborhood Police District and Supervisor Community Meetings, and more. Read past Observer reports. We will train you  to:

  • Request information
  • Share information (reports, social media, newsletters, events, etc.)
  • Invite others to learn about policing practices

We’re happy to train you then have you go off on your own. The most important thing to us is for you to be involved. And if you agree to adhere to a few League standards, you may become an official League observer!

We use five handouts in our trainings. We’ve made them available below so that anyone who wants to use them can download them. 

  1. FAQ for the San Francisco Police
  2. Observer Job Description
  3. Observer Training Agenda
  4. Observer Checklist
  5. Observer Report


Learn about policing practices with us

We’re putting together resources and events about policing practices in San Francisco. We will be sharing more information here. To stay informed, we recommend you:

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