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For presidential primary elections, the party preference that voters selected when registering to vote determines which presidential primary contest, if any, will appear on their ballot.

For the March 3, 2020, Consolidated Presidential Primary Election, the parties that will allow voters with no party preference to vote in their party’s presidential primary contests are the American Independent, Democratic, and Libertarian parties.

The parties that will not allow voters with no party preference to vote in their presidential primary contests are the Green, Peace and Freedom, and Republican parties.

You must re-register to vote if you are new to San Francisco, have moved, have had a name change, your signature has changed or you are changing party preference. More information about registering to vote.

Learn about San Francisco Ballot Measures

We provide non-partisan analysis of the ballot measures for San Francisco elections. Our team of dedicated volunteers combs through the news, submitted ballot arguments and discussions to put together this valuable and trusted resource.

Vote with the League

Each election cycle, we review each of the San Francisco ballot measures to determine whether to Support, Oppose, take No Position, or remain Neutral. The decisions are made based on analyses that apply to existing relevant League positions from the National, State, Bay Area, and/or San Francisco levels of the organization.  

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