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vote by mail

With Regard to San Francisco Elections the League of Women Voters has instituted a study to review the integrity (security, accuracy, recountability, accessibility and transparency) of voting by mail.

Read about the study results>


The League’s hallmark is its grassroots approach to study and action. Leagues at every level have positions based on study and consensus among members. The League uses these positions to advocate for public policy changes. During the consensus process, members draw on balanced pro/con materials, develop their own resources, turn to technical experts and public officials for information, and reach out to the community through public meetings, surveys and media coverage.

Many of you know what all of these League terms mean, but for those who do not, here’s a brief glossary, taken from the Pasadena Area League’s website.

  1. CONSENSUS - Substantial member agreement preferably reached through group discussion. Consensus is the sense of the group rather than a majority opinion. Discussion is based on information prepared by a study committee and is guided by consensus questions.
  2. CONSENSUS QUESTIONS – Specific questions prepared by a study committee to stimulate interaction, focus discussion and facilitate conclusions by the group. Questions vary in style from open-ended to multiple choice. Questions are approved by the appropriate League board.
  3. STUDY - The process of gathering information for discussion by members with a view of reaching consensus and establishing positions on a subject adopted by convention or annual meeting. Studies are conducted at all levels of League.
  4. STUDY COMMITTEE - A group of local League members that meets regularly to carry out a current League study. The committee researches the subject, prepares the information for members, selects the material for presentation at meetings, determines how the material will be presented and serves as resource. The study committee analyzes recorders' reports and drafts consensus reports for the local board's approval. For local studies the committee develops the consensus questions and drafts positions for local board approval.
  5. STUDY GUIDE - A League publication dealing with a current study prepared by a national, state or inter-League organization committee providing information and suggestions to assist local League study committees.
  6. UPDATE - A study of limited scope approved by convention delegates to reevaluate an existing position in light of new information, changed circumstance and/or conflicts with another position, with a view to considering a position change. An update may be proposed by any local League through the position review process. Any new position resulting from an update must be approved by convention delegates. Local Leagues may also undertake an update of a local position.


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